If you have questions about dating and meeting one of our pre-screened Thai ladies, then chances are you will find the answers here. If not, please contact us and we will update this section to help other members in future newsletter issues.

What are the Personalized Dating Events?

Thai Lady Dating Events? are the natural extension of the online dating site. When a guy is interested enough to want to fly to Thailand to meet a lady, he often opts to go through our Thai Lady Dating Events? program.

We arrange any number of dates with any number of ladies. They may be from his connected list. They may be from a list that we assemble for him to select from. But all of the ladies that we recommend via this program are Platinum members.

We have personally met each and every one of them, and we have carried out extensive background checks. We can say with full conviction that they are the same person they represent themselves to be on our site.

The dates we coordinate are one-on-one, arranged according to the tastes of both parties. Whether it?s coffee, lunch, dinner dates, outings, or day trips, we arrange things that are fun, safe and relaxing to do together.

Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country and our job is to give you the opportunity to meet some truly fantastic ladies in a safe and structured program conducted against a spectacular cultural backdrop.

We send a Concierge to introduce and facilitate communication. We arrange for our car service and professional driver to take both parties to the venue and home again.

Membership in the Thai Lady Dating Events program is for a full two year period. We do that deliberately to allow a guy plenty of time to come over to Bangkok on more than one occasion and not feel rushed or pressured. In that two-year period, we?ll arrange as many dates for him as he?d like with as many ladies that want to meet him.

We take the success of our Dating Events guys personally and we?re ready to make sure he finds someone who is truly compatible with him. The Dating Events program is really what our business is all about.

Do you meet in person in Thailand or in my home country?

All of our meetings take place in Thailand.

Our company is based in Thailand and we subscribe to the ?old-fashioned? doctrine that a true gentleman should court a lady in surroundings comfortable to her (i.e. her home turf).

We also know that Thailand is truly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, complete with a thriving nightlife, pristine beaches, a rich culture and a huge array of the world?s finest food and drink.

You can use this knowledge to find what YOU seek in our Members section.

To make the most of your newfound knowledge come and join us on the inside where you can meet a many pre-screened Thai women who are waiting for a man like you to cherish and respect them, and to find true, long-lasting love and live happily ever after.

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These women are highly intelligent. They know what they want and they are fun to be around. We should know because we interviewed and screened each one of them in person.

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