More Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about dating and meeting one of our pre-screened Thai ladies, then chances are you will find the answers here. If not, please contact us and we will update this section to help other members in future newsletter issues.

Is it safe to give a lady my personal email, Skype or MSN details?

If you are connected you can decide whether to give out your personal details.

If you are unsure about sharing your personal details, you can opt to use the communication tools that we offer on the website. 

Many of our clients also opt to set up a second Skype or MSN account to use only for the site – which also helps keep your activities on the site more personal and private.

If I'm not very computer-savvy, can I jump right to the Thai Lady Dating Events™ option?

Yes, absolutely!  We will promote your profile and you’ll be able to see who wants to meet you. Then you can select from that list and we’ll do the rest!

One of the great things we consistently see among couples who meet via Thai Lady Dating Events™ is that usually the lady that the man least expects is the one who really knocks his socks off.

Flying to meet somebody you’ve only meet online is a bit “out there”, in our view.  It puts a high level of pressure on both the lady and the man.

Furthermore, if you fly her to your home country, or come to Thailand with the exclusive agenda to meet her, this creates huge expectations (and possible misunderstandings) for the Thai lady and her family. 

This step is seen essentially as an agreement to marriage – and is generally not a good or healthy way to allow a relationship to develop naturally.

You can use this knowledge to find what YOU seek in our Members section.

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