Spotlight on Member – Nat

About Me

My name is Nat. I have one sister and two brothers. All are younger. They live with me in my house downtown Bangkok. I have two cats that I adopted years ago. I am healthy and take good care of myself, for example, I exercise, I watch what I eat, I go to the beautician (on discount). I am simple. I am not a material girl. I love make-up, accessories, dresses but I don’t need to buy expensive ones. I am sensible with money. I am organized and tidy. I have knowledge in various subjects so I am great friend or girlfriend or wife to have.

My Work
I resigned from a full-time job in a security company in November 2011. Now I do translation (English-Thai-English) at home. The majority of my work is in legal field. The income is good and the work hours are flexible which suits me. It allows me more time to take care of things around the house and my family. I also have more time to attend seminars and training and do something intellectual. I have two accreditations from Australia and one licence from an authority in Thailand so work keeps coming in.

What I Like
I like spending time with my family such as going to dinner or movies. I love travelling. I have been to many countries including Australia(fourtimes), Russia, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam and Japan. I travel as a backpack so I can travel to more destinations. I like sewing. I’m particularly happy to see colour combination and how creative I am. Some of the dresses that I wear were made by me.

About My History
I used to be very shy when I was young. I changed after I had spent one year as an exchange student in Australia in 1996. I’m more outspoken. I can express my feeling. I am more mature and independent. However,I still know the limit of the Thai culture so don’t overdo things.

What I am Looking For
I’m looking for someone within this criteria –39-49 years old, non-smoker, single or divorced, no children of previous relationship, healthy, financially stabled, educated(diploma or college is good), looking for a modern woman who, at the same time, respects her own culture. It would be great as well if the person knows Thai culture so that it’s easier for me and him to understand each other. I prefer to be a house wife and work part-time once I’m married so that I can take care of my husband and children. Two children would be lovely. I can relocate to any country as my skill is portable.