More Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about dating and meeting one of our pre-screened Thai ladies, then chances are you will find the answers here. If not, please contact us and we will update this section to help other members in future newsletter issues.

Is there a built-in chat option that I can use when I log in to Thai Lady Date Finder™?

Yes. If you and one of your connections are online at the same time, you can use the Thai Lady Date Finder™ built-in WebCam program.

What information is given in a lady's profile?

All profiles include up-to-date photos uploaded by the member. A lady’s profile will also include a personal statement (the “About Me” section) that shares her background, profession, interests, desires, and so on.

In the near future we will offer the option for members to upload an introductory video.

Do the ladies write their own profile stories (do they all have very high-level English)?

While most write their own profile stories, we do assist those who request it.  Many of the women are still perfecting their English, and they understand the importance of communicating their introductory statements in a clear and fluent manner. 

When I look at a lady's profile, can they see that I have checked them out?


Can I send personal messages through the service?

Yes. If you are “connected” to another lady, you can send personal email messages though the service.

Are my personal messages screened in any way?


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