Our Favorite Places – Floating Market Ayutthaya

At Thaidatefinder.com, we’re constantly on the hunt for date spots that are off the beaten path and unknown to most foreigners or even some Thais. While floating markets may seem to be a dime a dozen in Thailand, we found one that has a little extra something to make your date even more memorable.

Spending a day at the Ayutthaya floating market with your Thai girl is definitely something you should try because there’s so much for the two of you to see and do. It’s really Thailand at its most lively, colourful, and yummy - making it the ultimate feast for all your senses. Going to the floating market with your date also means you get to try twice as many types of food because the two of you can share and sample all the different dishes the boat vendors are cooking up.


It will amaze you how the vendors can turn a small boat into a full-fledged kitchen, grilling, chopping, and cooking all sorts of delicious things. And just as you’re feeling the midday heat, a rowboat will have just what you need to cool down - coconut ice cream sprinkled with crushed peanuts. 

Another must-try Thai delicacy is the “Mieng Kam”, which consists of many different tastes and textures mixed together in one bite-sized package: “Mieng” means “many” and “Kham” means “one bite”. In this dish you’ll find tiny bits of dried shrimp, peanuts, ginger, lime, chili, and a dollop of sweet syrup all wrapped up together in a small, edible banana leaf box. The explosion of so many flavors in your mouth just incredible.

Apart from the typical food and souvenirs, this unique floating market offers an added surprise to the experience. While enjoying the shopping and good eats on the river, you and your date will get to enjoy a charming re-enactment of traditional Thai stories performed right in the river!