Our Favorite Places – Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Nothing compares to the experience of watching a heart-stopping game of Muay Thai live. Surrounded by all the tension and excitement radiating from within the boxing ring and from the surrounding crowds, it’s easy to get lost in the thrill of every calculated punch and lethal kick. It’s no secret that you will probably enjoy watching Thai boxing more than the special lady you meat from Thaidatefinder.com, but there are ways to get your girl pumped up for date night at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

Lumpini Stadium 3

First of all, treat her to a nice dinner before you head to the stadium so she knows it’s a date and won’t feel like it’s just an excuse for you to have company while doing something you like.

During dinner you can get her excited about the game by telling her stories about the history of Thai boxing, which goes back to 1956. She’ll be impressed be the fact that Lumpinee Stadium produces many world championship holders. Teach her about all the different fighting styles she’ll see that evening. It would be to give her an overview of the rules of Muay Thai so she doesn’t feel lost during the game. Be patient and answer any questions she may have!

Once you’ve taken your seats at Lumpinee Stadium it’s good to help your date identify her favorite fighter. Similar to betting on a race horse, watching a boxing game with the hopes that her chosen fighter will be victorious will make the tournament that much more exciting to watch.

Lumpini Stadium 1

Before you know it, your date will be shouting and cheering alongside you at Lumpinee Stadium. She may even suggest that you return for another boxing date! If sports can be a common ground for you and your lady, then you’re on the path to a very happy relationship.