Spotlight on Member – Noi

Hi.  My name is Sarisa My nickname is Noi.  There are altogether four people in my family, including my dad, mom, younger sister, and me.  My father is retired.  My mother is a housewife.  I was born, grew up, and studied in Bangkok.  My dream is to own a business.  I love and care for my parents very much.  They are not in a very good health. 


I work in the Headquarters of the Thai Life Insurance company.  My work is to take care of the medical profiles of the customers.  I am happy with this job because the company is stable, my boss and colleagues are very nice and love me.  I feel very comfortable working here.  However, I would also like to have my own business because this current job doesn’t pay me enough for the living.  I need more money in order to cover the medical expenses for my father.  Therefore, I would like to earn more in the future. 

I am a cheerful woman who likes traveling around, especially nature trip.  I love cooking.  My favorite places are the sea and the private islands where there are not many tourists.  Anywhere is fine as long as it’s quiet and peaceful.  I think foreigners love going to these places as well because they love privacy. 


I had a boyfriend whom I loved very much but we didn’t get married.  We had been dating for over ten years.  He died in a car accident.  I had been living my life alone for many years as I was still sad about what happened.  There were many guys came on to me but I was not ready to date again.  Finally, I dated one man but it didn’t go well because he was already married but he didn’t tell me.  Once I found out he already had a family, I broke up with him.  Now, I am single and want someone who will sincerely love me, does not flirt around, and is a good man.  I hope my wish would come true very soon before I turn 40 with the assistance of this team and Khun Nattamon.

I was really disappointed with my love life.  I wish I had a great love and a good family.  I would like to meet a sincere person who is ready to create a complete family together, someone who will take care of me and is generous.  I believe and trust Khun Nattamon and the crew.  I think they are credible, harmless, and have high potential in matchmaking.  At least, I am not afraid of being deceived.  I know where the person comes from and whether he is a swindler as the company has carefully screened the candidates.  Therefore, I really trust this team.