Letter From Nathamon

Welcome to newsletter #13. How’s your journey into the “world” of Thailand going? I hope you’re finding great value in what you’re learning, and rest assured you’re going to be way ahead of many other Western men who come here looking for love because of your newfound knowledge.

This week we’ll help you understand some of the “mysterious” behaviors of your Thai woman so aren’t left confused as to what she’s doing and why she’s doing it.

We’ll be giving you some advice on Trekking – truly one of the best ways to see our beautiful country.

And we’ll help you navigate your way through the sometimes-choppy waters of dating a Thai girl who doesn’t speak your language.

Please write to us with any comments or suggestions you have for our newsletter so we can ensure you get the information you value most. 

Without a moment more hesitation, let’s begin.

Here’s an overview of this issue: 

  • Featured Article – Understanding Your Thai Lady’s “Mysterious” Behavior – So You Can Be The Partner Of Her Dreams.
  • Spotlight On Featured Member – Meet Jom;
  • Thai Adventures – A Complete Guide To Trekking In Thailand.
  • Dating Without The Dilemma – Tips For Dating A Non-English Speaker.
  • Thai Phrases – Polish Up Your Thai With These Handy Phrases.
  • Our Favorite Places – Discover Where the Locals Wine & Dine.
  • FAQ – Got Questions? We’ve Got the Answer.
  • Now It’s Your Turn – Get in Touch With Us and Don’t Forget to Check Out What’s in Store in Newsletter #14.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back in a comfortable chair and let us guide you to a magical place – a country where the people smile a lot, where the food is to die for and where the right women are waiting to make your acquaintance.

Let’s get to really know Thailand…