State Of The Art Lasik Surgery Clinics In Thailand – Be Free Of Glasses At A Fraction Of The Cost

When you?re trying to find low cost Lasik surgery, it?s often worth looking into travelling to another country. One of the most affordable places to have Lasik surgery these days is Bangkok. If you?re looking for comfort, high tech medical equipment, fully trained surgeons and low prices then Bangkok is definitely worth a look.

The surgeons in Bangkok have often trained in the United States. What?s more, you can usually get an appointment within two days. Once you?ve had your consultation you can even often have the surgery the same day if you want. Of course, while you?re in the country you could also enjoy a nice vacation too. The money you save on the actual operation could be put towards fun time.

Below you?ll find the top 5 Bangkok Lasik surgery clinics.

Clinic #1: TRSC International Lasik Center

The TRSA International Lasik Center is more like a hospital than a clinic. You can find it in Silom and it?s supposed to be the largest Lasik center in Asia.

The people who visit the clinic mainly tend to come from different countries. With that in mind you?re provided with your own personal assistant who will guide you through every step of the process. From your consultation to the recovery period, your assistant will always make sure that you know what is happening.

The staff speaks fluent English at the clinic, which helps you feel comfortable right from the start. You can even find discounts on various websites that can be used to pay for treatment with this clinic.

Clinic #2: Bumrungrad Hospital

The Bumrungrad Hospital is well known for its dentistry and plastic surgery sector, as well as Lasik. It?s clear that they focus upon International clients as the staff speaks fluent English. It?s estimated that the clinic receives around $186,000 USD a year from foreign patients.

It?s also known on the Thai Stock Exchange as one of the largest private hospitals available in Southeast Asia. The only thing that puts people off when they go into this clinic is the fact that it doesn?t look fantastic ascetically. However, the level of service that you receive is outstanding.

Clinic #3: Laser Vision: Professional Lasik Center

Staff members at the Laser Vision Center undergo training to learn more about foreign cultures. This helps them provide a better service to their foreign patients.

You?ll be provided with a free brochure, which explains the process of the operation and how it will work. They can also provide you with positive testimonials from their previous patients. You?ll find that this clinic has more of a personal, friendly feel than many others in the area.

Clinic #4: Rutnin-Gimbel Excimer Laser Eye Center

If you?re looking for a center that has specific Ophthalmology experience then this is definitely the best choice. More than 30 surgeons who specialize in eye surgery work at the center.

They don?t recommend having the consultation and surgery on the same day. Instead they want you to go away and think whether the surgery is for you. This proves their credibility and shows they care about their patients and not just the money. The clinic takes its reputation quite seriously and provides only the very best care and advice.

Clinic #5: Bangkok Hospital Lasik Center

If you?re looking for a more professional service, then head to the Bangkok Hospital Lasik Center. The treatments you?ll receive here will definitely rival those given in the Western World. The center focuses mainly upon the treatments and no fancy gimmicks. You?ll find many other Lasik centers have a spa experience. If that?s not what you?re looking for then this is the best place to head to.