What’s In Store Next Week?

Next week we put the spotlight onto another amazing Thai woman. Meet Thanya.

In part #6 of our 7-part series about Western-Thai relationship we will look at “It’s About “Time” – What Your Thai Partner Will NEVER Tell You.”

We’ll also be keeping you safe on the Thai roads in Driving in Thailand - An Expat Explains the Roads. 

And we dispel the myths about why younger Thai girls are often attracted to older men in “Why Younger Women Tend To Look For Older Men… It’s Usually Not About the Money.”

Newsletter #8 is going to be bursting with interesting and informative content to help you better understand life in Thailand. I can’t wait to send it to your inbox.

As always we will feature a new set of handy Thai phrases to help you make new acquaintances and communicate better with our Thai women.

Don’t put your happiness on hold a moment longer. We look forward to helping you find love.