10 Reasons Western Expats Move to Thailand

1.  You can go further with what you have.

When you’re surrounded by thousands of people just like you, it’s more difficult to get noticed, to be successful, and to have a skill no one else has.

If you’re an expat in Thailand you have something unique to offer right from the start. For starters, chances are high that you bring a skill set with you that has been given to you as part of your Western education.

You’re fluent in English (which is a huge bonus as there are many job opportunities for native English-speaking teachers), and you probably have specialized knowledge from your past jobs, know-how that goes a long way in your new home.

You also have access to resources from your home country, including technology and expertise. If you’ve traveled a lot, then your world-savvy attitude will help you make new friends fast. 

Being an expat in Thailand means you become somewhat of a local celebrity because you stand out.

2.  Thailand is a country where peace prevails.

Thais have a popular expression in their culture – a need to “save face.” During a conversation, a person must not become agitated or angry under any circumstances or risk losing face. 

Outside the major business hot spots such as Bangkok, Thais tend to be extremely peaceful and tolerant of others. Just imagine you go through your whole day without feeling stressful, annoyed, or excluded from society as a whole. 

We’re happy to say that this is the reality for many Thais. They are completely at ease in every social situation. 

3.  You have the opportunity to live in abundance.

The exchange rate of the baht against the U.S. dollar is about 33. The price of a mango desert with sticky fried rice is about 6 baht, which is roughly 20 cents. 

If you want to have a relaxing Thai neck and shoulder massage you can get it for about 200 baht, roughly $6. Can you imagine paying 20 cents for anything in the United States, or its equivalent in your home country?

I dare say you have to search a long time to find a value exchange in your country the likes of what you find in Thailand for the cost of everyday living.

With the money you earn at home, you can live like a king in Thailand. Things you could barely afford can easily be had in Thailand.

Simply said, your money goes a lot further in Thailand.

If you invest your hard-earned money wisely it goes even further. Therefore you can look forward to build an abundant life with your loved ones without having to worry about finances.

4.  Experience good friends and family, regardless of your past.

Thais are not as judgmental about a person’s background or personal experience as we tend to be in the Western world.

Regardless whether you are divorced or separated, have never been married, come from a loving family or a broken one, have a rich background or a middle class background, what you do and say now gets you the brownie points with your new Thai love and friends. 

Your past is simply irrelevant in Thailand.

Every expat has the chance to start a new life. You can make friends and be accepted by your new family without judgment of your past.

Thais are warm people. They work together to accomplish success and to solve problems. It’s hard to feel lonely in Thailand! 

Society is welcoming as a whole. People are understanding and tolerant of others and allow them to develop their own personality.

5.  Thailand’s nature is stunning.

Have you ever had the opportunity to ride an elephant, or walk through a bed of purple lotus? How about cuddling a baby tiger? Maybe you’ve always longed to do all that and sip a fresh coconut daiquiri from a real coconut shell, and eat mango fresh from the tree? 

Now you can…

Thailand is a place that brims with natural beauty. The ocean is emerald-green and crystal clear; the beaches are made of fine, powdery white sand, the jungle beams with wildlife - both flora and fauna. And the scenery is breathtaking at every turn in the road.

A life in Thailand is never dull. Thai people value their natural resources. You can explore the abundant wildlife without formalized restrictions at your convenience.

6.  Live a happy and respectful life.

Have you ever had to wait in line at the bank or the supermarket and wondered how you got there at all?

Have you ever stood in a traffic jam for what seems like an eternity?

How many times have you experienced delays like these and wondered why life had to be so rushed, and so complicated?

Thailand has of course its own urban areas with banks and grocery stores, but the attitude of the locals toward life changes everything.

Thais believe that life is to be enjoyed above all things. Conversation is conservative and polite. And people are given an extraordinary amount of freedom and encouragement to be true to them, and to enjoy their lives. 

So they rarely rush or get fazed when things take longer than anticipated – they simply wait their turn without getting aggravated or angry. This relaxed behavior is very refreshing for Westerners. It frees them up from having to stress, therefore allowing them to live in the now with full awareness.

To enjoy the best of Thailand, give yourself permission to live in the now which is equal to giving yourself permission to live a happy life.

7.  The lovely Thai women.

Thai women are lovely, there’s no better way to describe them. 

Most of them are well groomed and manicured, with long dark hair, flawless skin and slender bodies. To Western men these women embody everything that is feminine and everything that is gentle. 

They are raised to be respectful and compassionate. As young teenagers they learn not to speak too often or too little and to tolerate all living things. 

Contrary to popular belief, most Thai women are not looking for fast, meaningless romantic relationships and sex. They want a real, long-lasting romance and a man that treats them with the same respect and care they extend to the other sex.

There is a reason for this and we will cover this in more detail in the “Featured Article” section of newsletter issue #2.

8.  Potential for growth and entrepreneurship.

Thailand is still in transition from being an agrarian nation to becoming an industrialized-service society. If you arrive from abroad you have plenty of opportunities to introduce and implement new business schemes to the locals – services and industries that were previously unknown in Thailand.

This alone gives you unprecedented cause for celebration. The world is literally your oyster in Thailand right now.

9.  Service and education.

Thailand is hungry for native English speakers. Speaking English can make or break someone’s chances at having a good job or becoming a part of the global capitalist marketplace.

If you are a native speaker there are hundreds of volunteer and teaching opportunities for you in Thailand. You can make a difference in the lives of others.

10.  Culture and customs.

Thai society is rich and nuanced. There are customs with everything you do, from how you point your feet to how you say hello and goodbye, to how you pour your tea. 

As an outsider you are not expected to follow them all. But if you plan on living in Thailand then it is recommended you immerse yourself into the new culture and pay attention to these customs.

Thailand is exotic with rich cultural heritage. It gives you the opportunity to live a life that is a unique, joyful and exciting.