Thai Phrases

After you start online dating you will want to get to know your Thai sweetie better. A good way of doing so is by asking her for more pictures to reveal herself from different angles.

It is also a good opportunity to sneak in a well placed compliment to win her heart.


Can you send me more pictures of yourself?

Koon Chuay Saung Roop Mar Hai Chun Eek Dai Mai



I love your pictures. They are amazing.

Pom Chaub Roop Koon Man Yeeam Mark

ผมชอบรูปคุณ มันเยี่ยมมาก


You are so beautiful.

Koon Suay Mark Mark



I will dream of you tonight.

Kuen Nee Pom Ja Fun Tueng Koon



I think of you every day.

Pom Kid Tueng Koon Took Wun Ley